Zhermack Webinar – otisni materijali


    dr. André Kimura

  • 20.07. (utorak)
    u 13:00 – 14:00 h

Elastomers: How to use hydrophilic impression materials for a better indirect restorative dentistry

There are several situations in the daily practice of a clinician in which it is recommended and also indicated to work with indirect restorations, some of these are:

large structural tooth losses,
lack of enough thickness of residual cuspal walls,
 several restorations and diastemas,
 major chromatic and morphology changes,
crowns and implant supported prosthesis.

As we can imagine, these are critic situations and the use of hydrophilic impression materials can help obtaining more accurate results. The aim of this webinar is to share some techniques, using the hidrophilic elastomers, that can help the clinician with challenging cases.

 Speaker: André Kimura

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